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 A New Lease on Life


Hi, my name is Cathy Fairbairn.  I’m a stay-at-home-mom and I live in Florida with my husband and children. Our story starts with our daughter, Corinne (Cori for short.) She had just started high school in 2009 when she started missing school because of a mysterious illness: flu-like symptoms, severe joint and muscle pain, and extreme fatigue.  She was really tired all the time but she couldn’t rest—when she did sleep, upon awaking she never felt refreshed, only exhausted. Soon she could no longer attend high school; the school sent her “homebound instructors.”  She was too tired to participate in extra-curricular activities. Cori lost her short-term memory and couldn’t remember things like history facts or how to solve basic math problems. Our formerly active teenage daughter couldn’t sit or stand for any length of time--she was mostly in bed, barely able to lift her head off the pillow. Understandably, she was discouraged and depressed about her situation. We were looking for some answers.  

Thankfully, friends told us about Reliv in September of 2010. Cori was going into her second year with this debilitating illness. We started her on three shakes per day immediately.  Cori quickly noticed positive changes.  She began sleeping better at night and she had energy to get up out of bed and interact with her family and friends.  She said she could feel the brain fog, discomfort in her muscles and joints, and low spirits lift; she gradually became a typical teenager again.  Her memory and ability to concentrate steadily improved.  Today our daughter is the bright, happy, and alert young lady she used to be. Over time on the Reliv products, Cori acquired her driver’s license, finished High School, graduated from College, and has begun a wonderful career as a Veterinary nurse.  Reliv has literally given our daughter her life back! We are so grateful to God for bringing Reliv into our lives!    

My health (Mom, Cathy) has improved, too.  I was really tired all the time. If I sat in a chair, I would fall asleep.  I used to take frequent naps,  But no more!  Now I’m awake and alert!  I don’t have to take naps anymore. I have more energy, I get better rest, and I just can’t believe I can do so much more in my day. . . Moreover, my seasonal allergies have improved, my blood sugars are under control, my memory is better, and so is my outlook! In addition, My husband got great results with high cholesterol and high blood pressure.   

And our son Ryan takes Reliv, too.  He loves sports, and he is now in the Air Force ROTC in college. Since starting Reliv he's experienced more energy and stamina, and faster recovery times, which helps him stay in top form. Now his skin looks healthier and he sleeps really well. Reliv has helped strengthen his immune system and he hasn't gotten the flu or the frequent colds he used to suffer.

We want to share this gift of Reliv with the world. Reliv has improved our whole family’s quality of life so much we decided to go into the business to help as many people as possible. We are so thankful!  I would love to share the hope that Reliv has provided our family.  Feel free to contact me for more information!

Cathy Fairbairn